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Flight Planning

We understand that General Aviation is a high pressure industry that requires meticulous planning, excellent coordination and the capability to react accordingly to any last minute changes.  Our company takes away many of these pressures that the flight crew and support staff are under. With us being a main point of contact, all the planning can be carried out promptly and reliably to enable you to concentrate on other tasks.

MB Flight Services Ltd can arrange your flights from start to finish, offering the following services:

Airport Slots – We liaise with the appropriate authority of slot coordinated airports and promptly submit the request as and when required

CFMU – We communicate and comply with Eurocontrol Central Flow Management Unit, constantly monitoring any airspace restriction and negotiating with Flow Control if necessary

Flight Following – We ensure flight plans remain valid and notify the arrival airport appropriate personnel and/or interested parties with accurate departure times and arrival forecasts

Flight Plans – We plan flights globally using the latest software and always in accordance with the relevant countries airway regulations and routings

Fuel – We arrange aviation fuel globally

Ground Handling – We set-up any airport ground handling services relevant to the needs of the flight

NOTAMS – We supply the relevant up-to-date NOTAMS for each airport

Overflight and Landing Permits – We obtain all required clearances worldwide with no late notice set-up fees

U.S. Transport Security Administration (TSA) Waiver - For flights to/from the United States

U.S. Customs/eAPIS – We organise and submit the required data using our eAPIS online account to comply with the latest U.S. Customs and Border control conditions and liaise directly with the Customs and Border Control personnel, ensuring all details are in place

Weather – We provide the latest airport text weather (TAFs/METARs) and graphic charts

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